webvis: Create graphics for the web from R.

Uses Protovis to provide web graphics for R (exposes most low-level functions). Package is still under active development and shouldn't be considered stable until version 0.1. Currently uses a web browser to process JavaScript, although future version will process JavaScript directly and return the SVG output. Also does not properly support discrete labels (e.g. with histograms) or statistical functions. See website for more details.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorShane Conway
Date of publication2011-10-23 18:48:14
MaintainerShane Conway <smc77@columbia.edu>

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Man pages

append.param: Used in pv...

collapse: A simplied version of paste.

esse: Checks whether something exists.

field.exists: Checks whether a field exists in a dataset.

getHead: Return the head html.

getTail: Return the tail html.

is.webvis: Checks whether something is a webvis object.

is.webvis.flat: Checks whether something is a webvis...

is.webvis.param: Checks whether something is a webvis...

new.webvis: Create a new webvis object to store each layer of the...

plot.webvis: Simplified plot function for web vis plots.

pv.area: Add a bar to the visualization.

pv.bar: Add a bar to the visualization.

pv.chart: Add a chart to the visualization.

pv.data: Converts R data into Protovis data.

pv.dataset: Add a dataset as a variable to the visualization.

pv.dot: Add a dot to the visualization.

pv.image: Add an image to the visualization.

pv.label: Add a label to the visualization.

pv.line: Add a line to the visualization.

pv.mark: Generic function for all Protovis mark types.

pv.panel: A protovis panal.

pv.param: A protovis mark parameter.

pv.parse: Takes a parameter and a webvis object and parses them.

pv.rule: Add an rule to the visualization.

pv.scale: A scaling function for protovis.

pv.wedge: Add a wedge to the visualization (for pie charts, etc).

render.webvis: Create the final visualization from the webvis object.

unfold.webvis: Unfolds the visualization tree structure into a flat form.

webvis: Add a new layers to a visualization.

webvis-package: Web graphics for R.

webvis.theme: Creates a theme to be used by a webvis chart object.

webvisToHTML: Convert webvis to HTML.


append.param Man page
collapse Man page
esse Man page
field.exists Man page
getHead Man page
getTail Man page
is.webvis Man page
is.webvis.flat Man page
is.webvis.param Man page
new.webvis Man page
plot.webvis Man page
pv.area Man page
pv.bar Man page
pv.chart Man page
pv.data Man page
pv.dataset Man page
pv.dot Man page
pv.image Man page
pv.label Man page
pv.line Man page
pv.mark Man page
pv.panel Man page
pv.param Man page
pv.parse Man page
pv.rule Man page
pv.scale Man page
pv.wedge Man page
render.webvis Man page
unfold.webvis Man page
webvis Man page
+.webvis Man page
webvis.theme Man page
webvisToHTML Man page

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