wgeesel-package: Weighted Generalized Estimating Equations and Model Selection

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Weighted Generalized estimating equations (WGEE) is an extension of generalized linear models to longitudinal or clustered data by incorporating the correlation within-cluster when data is missing at random (MAR). The parameters in mean, scale, correlation structures are estimate based on quasi-likelihood. The package wgeesel also contains model selection criteria for variable selection in the mean model and for the selection of a working correlation structure in longitudinal data with dropout or monotone missingness using WGEE.


The collection of functions includes:


estimates parameters based on WGEE in mean, scale, and correlation structures, through mean link, scale link, and correlation link.

QIC.gee, MQIC.gee, RJ.gee

calculate the QIC (QICu), MQIC (MQICu), Rotnitzky-Jewell criteria for variable selection in the mean model and/or selection of a working correlation structure in GEE (unbalanced data is allowed).

MLIC.gee, QICW.gee

calculate the MLIC (MLICC) and QICWr (QICWp) for variable selection in the mean model and the selection of a working correlation structure in WGEE, which can accommodate dropout missing at random (MAR).


can simulate longitudinal response data in different distribution (gaussian, binomial, poisson) with drop missingness.

For a complete list of functions, use library(help = "wgeesel").


Cong Xu congxu17@gmail.com, Zheng Li zheng.li@outlook.com, Ming Wang mwang@phs.psu.edu

Maintainer: Zheng Li zheng.li@outlook.com


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See Also

GEE methods exist for geeglm (geepack)



fit <- wgee(Y ~ Drug+Sex+Time,data=imps,id=imps$ID,family="binomial",
            corstr="exchangeable",scale=NULL,mismodel= R ~ Drug+Time)

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