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Public attention is an interesting field of study. The internet not only allows to access information in no time on virtually any subject but via page access statistics gathered by website authors the subject of attention as well can be studied. For the omnipresent Wikipedia those access statistics are made available via '' a server providing the information as file dumps as well as as web API. This package provides an easy to use, consistent and traffic minimizing approach to make those data accessible within R.

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AuthorPeter Meissner [aut, cre], R Core Team [ctb]
Date of publication2016-03-20 16:40:50
MaintainerPeter Meissner <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

html: function downloading content

html2: function downloading content

prev_month_end: function to get date of end of prev month

prev_month_start: function to get date of start of prev month

print.wp_df: a wikipediastrend specific data frame

read_utf8_csv: function to read csv file with UTF-8 characters (even under...

toUTF8: function to convert character vectors to UTF-8 encoding

wp_add_to_cache: function adding downloaded data to the cache

wp_cache: a cache for downloads

wp_cache_default: function for building default cache file name

wp_cache_file: function for determining where downloaded information can be...

wp_cache_load: function for loading cache on disk into memory

wp_cache_reset: function for resetting cache/cachefile as if package was just...

wp_check_date_inputs: Helper function for 'wp_trend()'

wp_date: Package specific 'as.Date()' function

wp_day: Function to extract the day

wp_download_data: function downloading prepared URLs

wp_expand_ts: Helper function for wp_trend that transforms a time span into...

wp_get_cache: function to get cache content

wp_get_data: function for getting data (download + extraction)

wp_http_header: function for pasting together the HTTP user-agent field

wp_jsons_to_df: Helper function for wp_trend

wp_linked_pages: function looking for other languages of a page

wp_load: Helper function for wp_trend that loads previous saved...

wp_month: Function to extract the month

wp_prepare_urls: function preparing URLs for downlaod

wp_save: Helper function for wp_trend

wp_save_cache: functio to save cache to file

wp_set_cache_file: function to set a different cachefile as session default

wp_set_print_options: function for setting print options for print.wp_df()

wp_trend: Function for getting access statistics for wikipedia pages

wp_wday: Function to extract the day of the week

wp_year: Function to extract the year

wp_yearmonth: function for getting year and month of a timestamp

write_utf8_csv: function to write csv files with UTF-8 characters (even under...


html Man page
html2 Man page
prev_month_end Man page
prev_month_start Man page
print.wp_df Man page
read_utf8_csv Man page
toUTF8 Man page
wp_add_to_cache Man page
wp_cache Man page
wp_cache_default Man page
wp_cache_file Man page
wp_cache_load Man page
wp_cache_reset Man page
wp_check_date_inputs Man page
wp_date Man page
wp_date.character Man page
wp_date.dates Man page
wp_date.default Man page
wp_date.factor Man page
wp_date.numeric Man page
wp_date.POSIXct Man page
wp_date.POSIXlt Man page
wp_day Man page
wp_day.default Man page
wp_day.POSIXlt Man page
wp_download_data Man page
wp_expand_ts Man page
wp_get_cache Man page
wp_get_data Man page
wp_http_header Man page
wp_jsons_to_df Man page
wp_linked_pages Man page
wp_load Man page
wp_month Man page
wp_month.default Man page
wp_month.POSIXlt Man page
wp_prepare_urls Man page
wp_save Man page
wp_save_cache Man page
wp_set_cache_file Man page
wp_set_print_options Man page
wp_trend Man page
wp_wday Man page
wp_wday.default Man page
wp_wday.POSIXlt Man page
wp_year Man page
wp_year.default Man page
wp_yearmonth Man page
wp_year.POSIXlt Man page
write_utf8_csv Man page


tests/testthat/test_caching_gathering.R tests/testthat/test_date_functions.R tests/testthat/test_data_gathering.R
R/wp_trend.R R/wp_get_data.R R/wp_linked_pages.R R/wp_load_and_save.r R/wp_date_functions.r R/wp_cache.R R/wp_prepare_urls.R R/wp_last_month.R R/html.R R/wp_df.R R/wp_http_header.R R/wp_check_date_inputs.R R/wp_jsons_to_df.R R/wp_download_data.R R/zzz.R R/wp_expand_ts.R
man/wp_get_cache.Rd man/wp_cache_default.Rd man/wp_trend.Rd man/write_utf8_csv.Rd man/wp_get_data.Rd man/wp_save_cache.Rd man/wp_month.Rd man/wp_set_print_options.Rd man/wp_prepare_urls.Rd man/wp_linked_pages.Rd man/wp_wday.Rd man/wp_day.Rd man/wp_check_date_inputs.Rd man/html2.Rd man/wp_cache_reset.Rd man/print.wp_df.Rd man/wp_save.Rd man/wp_cache_load.Rd man/wp_jsons_to_df.Rd man/wp_cache_file.Rd man/wp_download_data.Rd man/wp_set_cache_file.Rd man/wp_http_header.Rd man/toUTF8.Rd man/prev_month_end.Rd man/wp_year.Rd man/wp_add_to_cache.Rd man/read_utf8_csv.Rd man/wp_date.Rd man/wp_cache.Rd man/prev_month_start.Rd man/html.Rd man/wp_load.Rd man/wp_expand_ts.Rd man/wp_yearmonth.Rd

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