Man pages for windfarmGA
Genetic Algorithm for Wind Farm Layout Optimization

barometric_heightCalculates Air Density, Air Pressure and Temperature...
big_shapeA POLYGON with an area of ~70 km2
calculate_energyCalculate Energy Outputs of Individuals
canseeCalculate Visibility between 2 locations
crossoverCrossover Method
dup_coordsSplits duplicated coords (copy of geoR::dup.coords)
fitnessEvaluate the Individual Fitness values
genetic_algorithmRun a Genetic Algorithm to optimize a wind farm layout
getDEMGet DEM raster
get_dist_anglesCalculate distances and angles of possibly influencing...
get_gridsGet the Grid-IDs from binary matrix
grid_areaMake a grid from a Simple Feature Polygon
hexa_areaPolygon to Hexagonal Grid Tessellation
hole_shapeA POLYGON with a hole
init_populationCreate a random initial Population
interpol_viewPlot an interpolated viewshed
isSpatialTransform to Simple Feature Polygons
multi_shapeA MULTIPOLYGON with 3 Polygons
mutationMutation Method
permutationsEnumerate the Combinations or Permutations of the Elements of...
plot_cloudPlot outputs of all generations with standard deviations
plot_developmentPlot the progress of populations
plot_evolutionPlot the evolution of fitness values
plot_fitness_evolutionPlot the changes of min/mean/max fitness values
plot_heatmapPlot a heatmap of selected grid cells
plot_leafletPlot a wind warm with leaflet
plot_parkfitnessPlot the genetic algorithm results
plot_random_searchPlot the result of a randomized output.
plot_resultPlot the best results
plot_viewshedPlot viewshed results
plot_windfarmGAPlot the results of an optimization run
plot_windrosePlot a Windrose
random_searchRandomize the output of the Genetic Algorithm
random_search_singleRandomize the location of a single turbine
rasterprofileSample values from a raster
readintegerCheck Input Crossover Method
readintegerSelCheck Input Selection Method
resulthexA resulting matrix of 'genetic_algorithm' with 10 iterations...
resultrectA resulting matrix of 'genetic_algorithm' with 200 iterations...
selectionSelection Method
splitAtSplit matrices or numeric vectors at specific indices
sp_polygonThe rectangular POLYGON used to create 'resultrect' &...
trimtonAdjust the amount of turbines per windfarm
turbine_influencesFind potentially influencing turbines
viewshedCalculate visibility
viewToCalculate Visibility between multiple locations
windata_formatTransform Winddata
windfarmGARun a Genetic Algorithm to optimize a wind farm layout
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