Man pages for windfarmGA
Genetic Algorithm for Wind Farm Layout Optimization

BaroHoeheCalculates Air Density, Air Pressure and Temperature...
calculateEnCalculate Energy Outputs of Individuals
crossover1Crossover Method
euc.distEuclidian Distance between two Points
fitnessEvaluate the Individual Fitness values
genAlgoStart The Genetic Algorithm for a wind Farm Layout
getRectsGet the Grid-IDs from binary matrix
GoogleChromePlotPlot the Best Results in Google Chrome
GooglePlotPlot the 'best' Results with Google background map
GridFilterMake a grid from a Polygon
heatmapGAPlot heatmap of fit grid cells
HexaTexPolygon to Hexagonal Grid Tessellation
InfluPointsFind potentially influencing turbines
leafPlotLeaflet Plot of a Wind Park
mutationMutation Method
plotbeorworPlot if previous population was better or worse
plotCloudPlot outputs of all generations with standard deviations
plotEvolutionPlot the evolution of fitness values
plotfitnessevolutionPlot the changes of min/mean/max fitness values
plotparkfitnessPlot the genetic algorithm results
plotResultPlot the best Results
PlotWindfarmGAPlot the results of an optimization run
plotWindrosePlot a Windrose
PointToLine2Distances between right triangle points
readintegerCheck Input Crossover Method
readintegerSelCheck Input Selection Method
selection1Selection Method
splitAtDivide matrices or integer at certain locations
StartGACreate a random initial Population
tess2SPdfCreate a Tesselation from a Polygon
trimtonAdjust the amount of turbines per windfarm
VekWinkelCalcCalculate distances and angles of possibly influencing...
windfarmGAControls the given inputs and initiates an Optimization run
WinkelCalcCalculates Angles between 3 Points
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