read_cd3: A function to read .CD3 files

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read_cd3R Documentation

A function to read .CD3 files


The function reads .CD3 files once these are in a local folder: these files contain information on the gauging station and on the catchment upstream the station.


read_cd3(station, loc_WinFapFiles = getwd())



the NRFA station number(s) for which the .CD3 file (names station.CD3) should be read


the file.path of the WINFAP files, i.e. the location in which the station.CD3 file can be found. Default is the working directory


a data.frame with information on the catchment descriptors for the station

See Also

Information on the .CD3 files and river flow gauging in the UK can be found at the National River Flow Archive website Specific information on the catchment descriptors can be found at

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