writeEnvelope: Envelope of Spatial Objects

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Takes a Spatial object and returns a data frame with six columns representing the envelope of each element in the Spatial object.


writeEnvelope(obj, centerfun = mean)



object inheriting class Spatial.


function to apply to the x-axis limits and y-axis limits of the bounding box to obtain the x-coordinate and y-coordinate of the center of the bounding box.


obj may be an object of class SpatialPoints, SpatialPointsDataFrame, SpatialLines, SpatialLinesDataFrame, SpatialPolygons, or SpatialPolygonsDataFrame, or a list in which each element is an object of class SpatialPoints or SpatialPointsDataFrame.


A data frame with six columns named XMax, XMin, YMax, YMin, XCenter, and YCenter. The first four columns represent the corners of the bounding box of each element in obj. The last two columns represent the center of the bounding box of each element in obj. The number of rows in the returned data frame is the same as the length of the argument obj.

When this function is run in TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR), the columns of the returned data frame have the SpotfireColumnMetaData attribute set to enable TIBCO Spotfire to recognize them as containing envelope information.

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