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This package implements a spatiotemporal boundary detection with a dissimilarity metric for areal data with inference in a Bayesian setting using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). The response variable can be modeled as Gaussian (no nugget), probit or Tobit link and spatial correlation is introduced at each time point through a conditional autoregressive (CAR) prior. Temporal correlation is introduced through a hierarchical structure and can be specified as exponential or first-order autoregressive. Full details of the the package can be found in the accompanying vignette. Furthermore, the details of the package can be found in the corresponding paper on arXiv by Berchuck et al (2018): "Diagnosing Glaucoma Progression with Visual Field Data Using a Spatiotemporal Boundary Detection Method", <arXiv:1805.11636>.


Samuel I. Berchuck sib2@duke.edu

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