Journalism is in a state of crisis. Profitable outlets are driven by clickbait; unprofitable activities like investigative journalism or local news reporting simply disappear. How can we fix this?

Perhaps automation can help:

  1. Help writers be more productive
  2. Make marketing and distribution easier
  3. Make data-driven journalism easier for all

wordpressr is an attempt to bring more automation, and the ensuing benefits, to journalism and publishing in general. For a more thorough look at how to get started, please see the wordpressr vignette.

Are you interested in helping us? R developers can join us on GitHub. For organizations interested in learning more about our content marketing services, visit our main website at


You can install the released version of wordpressr from GitHub with:


Example: Retrieving Posts

Need to perform text analysis on your posts? Or summarise data by author, category, tag, or time? The get_wp_posts() function is a good place to start.

recent_posts = get_wp_posts('',300)

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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