Man pages for wtest
The W-Test for Genetic Interactions Testing

CpG.pos.txtPosition of CpG Sites for the methylation Data
diabetes.geno.txtGenotype Data of Candidate Diabetes Genes
genotype.txtExample Genotype Data
hfPatameter Estimation for W-test Probability Distribution
hf.snps.methParameter Estimation for W-test Probability Distribution in...
mafMinor Allele Frequency
methylation.recodeRecode Methylation Data
methylation.txtExample Methylation Data
odds.ratioOdds Ratio
phenotype1.RDataPhenotype of the diabetes.geno Data
phenotype2.RDataSimulated Phenotype of the genotype-methylation Data
SNP.pos.txtPseudo Position of SNPs for the genotype Data
w.diagnosisW-test Probability Distribution Diagnostic Plot
w.qqplotW P-values Diagnosis by Q-Q Plot
wtest.highW-test for High Order Interaction Analysis
wtest.snps.methW-test for Gene-methylation Interaction Analysis
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