Man pages for wvtool
Image Tools for Automated Wood Identification

bin2decBinary Number to Decimal number Conversion
camphoraImage Sample Dataset
car2polPolar Transformer -Cartesian to Polar Coordinates-
cc.labelConnected Component Labelling.
cropImage cropping
cryptomeriaImage Sample Dataset
dec2binDecimal to Binary Convertion
edge.detectCanny and Sobel Edge detector.
gaborTwo Dimensional Gabor Filtering in Frequency Domain
glcmGray Level Co-occurence Matrix (glcm)
gray2binConversion from Grayscale to Binary Image
halarickHaralick Texture Features Calculated from GLCM
hlacHigher Order Local Autocorrelation (HLAC)
integ.profileSimple Integration for Making Profile
lbnumCounts 0-1 or 1-0 in a Binary Sequence
lbpLocal Binary Patterns (lbp)
noise.filterMedian, Mean and Gaussian Filter
rgb2grayConvert RGB image to Grayscale
rot90cTranspose Image 90 Degrees Clockwisely
rotate.matrixImage Rotation by Bilinear Interpolation
swap.quadSwapping Quadrants
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