Man pages for xRing
Visualization and Correction of X-Ray Micro-Density Profiles

addRingAdd Tree-Ring Border(s)
calibrateFilmCalibrate Film
combineFragCombine Fragments
correctRingsCorrect Tree-Ring Borders Interactively
detectEwLwDetect the Transition from Earlywood to Latewood
detectRingsDetect Tree-Ring Borders
fitCalibrationModelFit a Calibration Curve
getBordersGet Tree-Ring Borders
getDensityGet Density Values
getRwlsGet Data-Frames With Ring Width and Density Values
getStepsSelect the Steps of a Calibration Wedge Interactively
imCropCrop Image Interactively
imDisplayDisplay Image Using tcltk Package
imReadLoad Image From a File
measureProfilesMeasure Profiles Interactively
plotPlot xRing and xRingList Objects
plotRingsPlot xRing Objects
printPrint xRing Objects
removeRingRemove Tree-Ring Border(s)
selectProfilesSelect Profile(s)
setLastYearSet Last Year
stepIncreaseCalculate the Steps Thickness of the Calibration Wedge
toxRingCreate an "xRing" Object
toxRingListCreate a "xRingList" Object
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