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Functions for Estimating a (c)DCC-GARCH Model in large dimensions based on a publication by Engle et,al (2017) and Nakagawa et,al (2018). This estimation method is consist of composite likelihood method by Pakel et al. (2014) and (Non-)linear shrinkage estimation of covariance matrices by Ledoit and Wolf (2004,2015,2016).


To estimate the covariance matrix in financial time series, it is necessary consider two important aspects: the cross section and the time series. With regard to the cross section, we have the difficulty of correcting the biases of the sample covariance matrix eigenvalues in a large number of time series. With regard to the time series aspect, we have to account for volatility clustering and time-varying correlations. This package is implemented the improved estimation of the covariance matrix based on the following publications:

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