Man pages for yhat
Interpreting Regression Effects

apsAll Possible Subsets Regression
booteval.yhatEvaluate bootstrap metrics produced from /codecalc.yhat
boot.yhatBootstrap metrics produced from /codecalc.yhat
calc.yhatMore regression indices for lm class objects
canonCommonalityCommonality Coefficents for Canonical Correlation
canonVariateCanonical Commonality Analysis
ci.yhatCompute CI
combCICombine upper and lower confidence intervals
commonalityCommonality Analysis
commonalityCoefficientsCommonality Coefficents
dombinDominance Analysis
dominanceDominance Weights
effect.sizeEffect Size Computation for lm
genListGenerate List R^2 Values
oddisOdd Function
plotCI.yhatPlot CIs from yhat
regrRegression effect reporting for lm class objects
rlwRelative Weights
setBitsDecimal to Binary
yhat-packageInterpreting Regression Effects
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