distinct: Dataset composed of six different countries.

distinctR Documentation

Dataset composed of six different countries.


A dummy dataset to illustrate the final size of the base after expansion.




A dataframe object.


A dataset consisting of three years, three exporting countries, three importing countries, three Harmonized System code and value of exports (all data is fictitious). The data includes the following fields:

* ano - Numeric. Year in which exports were carried out. * ido - String. ISO code corresponding to the exporting country. * idd - String. ISO code corresponding to the importign country. * HS4 - Numeric. HS4 code corresponding to the merchandise sold. * comercio - Numeric. Dollar value of exports.


a dataframe object contains the five variables passed as parameters to the get_zerotradeflow() function (year, exporter, importer, item, trade) including the bilateral trade flow equal to zero.


# Note that the distinct.rda base has six different countries (three
# exporters and three importers). Thus, when expanding this base, we have 81
# observations as a result.

distinctflow <- get_zerotradeflow(distinct, ano, ido, idd, HS4, comercio)

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