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Bayesian Zero-and-One Inflated Dirichlet Regression Modelling

broken_stickRandom generation of datasets using the dirichlet broken...
chinookData from Satterthwaite, W.H., Ciancio, J., Crandall, E.,...
coddietData from Magnussen, E. 2011. Food and feeding habits of cod...
fit_dirichletExtract point estimates of compositions from fitted model.
fit_priorFind appropriate standard deviations for prior
fit_zoidFit a trinomial mixture model with Stan
get_fittedExtract estimates of predicted latent proportions.
get_parsExtract parameters from fitted model.
parse_re_formulaFit a trinomial mixture model that optionally includes...
rmspe_calcFind appropriate prior for a given target distribution.
zoid-packageThe 'zoid' package.
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