Man pages for zoltr
Interface to the 'Zoltar' Forecast Repository API

create_modelCreate a model
create_projectCreate a project
delete_forecastDelete a forecast
delete_modelDelete a model
delete_projectDelete a project
download_forecastGets a forecast's data
forecast_data_from_cdc_csv_fileLoads and converts a CDC CSV file to Zoltar's native 'list'...
forecast_infoGets a forecast's information
forecastsGet a model's forecasts
get_resourceGet JSON for a resource (URL). Authenticates if necessary
model_infoGet information about a model
modelsGet a project's models
new_connectionGet a connection to a Zoltar host
pipePipe operator
project_infoGet information about a project
projectsGet information about all projects
scoresGet a project's scores
target_infoGet information about a target
targetsGet a project's targets
timezero_infoGet information about a timezero
timezerosGet a project's timezeros
truthGet a project's truth
unit_infoGet information about a unit
upload_forecastUpload a forecast
upload_infoGet an upload's information
upload_info_forecast_urlGet a new forecast upload's url
zoltar_authenticateLog in to a Zoltar host
zoltar_unitsGet a project's zoltar_units
zoltr-packagezoltr: Interface to the 'Zoltar' Forecast Repository API
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