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Utilities for Zonation Spatial Conservation Prioritization Software

check_namesA function check feature/group names.
check_pathA function to deal with potentially relative paths.
check_resultsCheck zvariant object's attributes for consistency.
check_variantCheck zvariant object's attributes for consistency.
check_zonationCheck if Zonation is installed.
clean_strClean leading and trailing whitespaces from a given string....
compCompare matrices in various ways.
copy_zvariant-methodsCopy existing variant as a new 'Zvariant' object.
correlationCorrelation between two matrices.
cost-methodsGet cost data of a Z* object.
create_sppGenerate spp_file based on a directory of input rasters.
create_zprojectCreate a new Zonation project on file system.
cross_jaccardCalculate Jaccard coefficients bewteen all the RasterLayers...
curves-methodsGet curves results data of a Z* object.
decimalplacesFind out the number of decimal places in a number.
ds_alphaCalculate alpha value for distribution smoothing.
featurenames-methodsFeature names of Zonation variant.
features_info-methodsGet the features info component of Zresults.
file_path_relative_toTransform an absolute path to relative path in relation to...
file_path_sans_extRe-implementation of 'file_path_sans_ext' in 'tools'. This...
get_dat_param-methodsGet a specified run setting parameter value
get_tutorialdirGet the directory of Zonation tutorial.
get_variant-methodsGet a specified variant in a Zonation project
groupnames-methodsGet group names for a class 'Zvariant' instance.
groups-methodsGet group codes of a class 'Zvariant' instance.
has_results-methodsCheck which results a Z* object has.
initialize-methodsCreate an instance of the Zproject class using...
jaccardCalculate the Jaccard coefficient.
leaf_tagsFind all the leaf tags in a potentially nested list. The...
load_zprojectLoad a Zonation project.
map_indexesMap vector to actual column indexes.
names-methodsNames of variants in Zproject
nfeatures-methodsGet the number of feature included in a Zonation variant
nvariants-methodsGet the number of variants included in a Zonation project
opendir-methodsOpen the directory of a Zproject using the system file...
outdir-methodsGet path to output directory.
parse_batParse the content of a Zonation batch (bat) file and make OS...
performance-methodsGet performance levels.
plot_curvesCreate ggplot2 object for performance curves.
plot_histCreate a ggplot2 histogram of a 'RasterLayer'.
plot-ZCurvesDataFrame-missing-methodPlot Zonation performance curves for individual features.
plot-ZGroupCurvesDataFrame-missing-methodPlot Zonation performance curves for groups.
ppa_lsm-methodsGet ppa.lsm results data of a Z* object.
print-methodsPrint Zvariant information.
rank_raster-methodsGet Zonation result rank raster.
rank_rasters-methodsGet Zonation result rank rasters of a project.
read_batRead Zonation-specific (MS Windows) batch file.
read_curvesRead in performance curves produced by Zonation.
read_datRead a dat file (Windows-style ini-file) for configuration...
read_features_infoRead a features info file.
read_groupsRead a groups file.
read_grp_curvesRead in performance curves for grouped features produced by...
read_ppa_lsmRead Zonation post-processing analysis (ppa) result file.
read_result_rastersRead Zonation-specific raster result files.
read_sppRead Zonation variant specific spp-file.
regroup_curvesRe-calculate group curves data.
require_packageRequires a given package and if not present installs and...
results-methodsGetter method for results ('Zresults') in a class 'Zvariant'...
run_batTry to run a given batch (bat) files.
save_zvariant-methodsSaves the current state of an instance of 'Zvariant-class' on...
selection_coverageIntersection of two coverages.
set_dat_param-methodsSet a specified run setting parameter value
show-Zvariant-methodPrint Zvariant information.
sppdata-methodsSimple getter mehtod for spp data in a class...
sppweights-methodsGet biodiversity feature weights of a Zonation variant
sub_curvesGet subset of curves/group curves columns.
unique_grp_namesGet unique group names.
variants-methodsGet all variants in a Zonation project
write_datWrite a Zonation run configuration (dat) file.
ZCurvesDataFrame-classThe ZCurvesDataFrame class
ZGroupCurvesDataFrame-classThe ZGroupCurvesDataFrame class
zlegendGet various Zonation legends
zparametersGet all Zonation run configuration parameters.
Zproject-classThe Zproject class
Zresults-classThe Zresults class
Zvariant-classThe Zvariant class
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