ztable: Zebra-Striped Tables in LaTeX and HTML Formats

Makes zebra-striped tables (tables with alternating row colors) in LaTeX and HTML formats easily from a data.frame, matrix, lm, aov, anova, glm, coxph, nls, fitdistr, mytable and cbind.mytable objects.

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AuthorKeon-Woong Moon [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-02-15 07:37:56
MaintainerKeon-Woong Moon <cardiomoon@gmail.com>

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Man pages

addCellColor: Add column colors of an object of ztable

addcgroup: Add column groups of an object of ztable

addColColor: Add column colors of an object of ztable

addrgroup: Add row groups of an object of ztable

addRowColor: Add row colors of an object of ztable

addSubColNames: Add a adjunctive name below colummn name in a ztable

align2html: Convert the align in Latex format to html format

align2lines: count the vertical column lines from align of Latex format

align2nd: Delete first components of align

alignCheck: Check the validity of align

alignCount: Count the number of align

caption2minipage: Convert long caption to minipage

cGroupSpan: Count the colspan of each colgroup

colGroupCount: Count the colgroup of an object of ztable

data2table: Convert data to formatted data for table

define_colors: Define colors

extractAlign: Extract column position information only(without vertical...

getNewAlign: Make a charater string indicating the alignment of components...

getNewSpanCol: Calculating new spanCol with spanCol plus space made by...

getNewSpanRow: Calculating new spanRow with spanRow plus space made by row...

getspanRowData: Gets the spanRaw start column

getspanRowLength: Gets spanRow length

hlines: Add or delete horizontal lines in a ztable

isGroupCol: Returns whether or not column with position start plus length...

isspanCol: Idetify the spanCol status of a cell

isspanRow: Identify the spanRow status of a cell

make.cell.color: Make a data.frame named "cellcolor" from ztable call

myhtmlStyle: print html style

name2rgb: Find rgb value from color name

parallelTables: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in Latex or...

parallelTablesHTML: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in HTML...

parallelTablesLatex: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in Latex...

printHTMLHead: Print HTML head if ztable object a has a colgroup

printLatexHead: Print the head of latex table if the object of ztable has a...

printRowGroup: Print Row Groups in a latex table

print_ztable: Print an object of class "ztable"

print.ztable: Print an object of class "ztable"

repColor: Make vector x from vector color

spanCol: Merging data cells of ztable object in columns

spanColWidth: Calculate the spanColWidth when spanCol start

spanRow: Merging data cells of ztable object in rows

tableLength: Convert data to formatted data for table

totalCol: Calculating total columns of ztable

tr: Subfunction used in ztable2latex

tr2: Subfunction used in ztable2html

update_ztable: Update ztable before print

validColor: Find valid color name

validColor2: Find valid color name

vline2align: Make a latex "align" from a string and vertical line...

vlines: Add or delete vertical lines in a ztable

zcolors: Definition of Latex Color

ztable: Exporting a R object to an object of class "ztable"

ztable2html: Print an object of class "ztable" to html table

ztable2latex: Print an object of class "ztable" to Latex table

ztable2viewer: Print an object of ztable via rstudio::viewer

ztable.cbind.mytable: Make ztable from object cbind.mytable

ztable.mytable: Make ztable from object mytable

ztable_sub: Exporting "data.frame" to an object of class "ztable"


addCellColor Man page
addcgroup Man page
addColColor Man page
addrgroup Man page
addRowColor Man page
addSubColNames Man page
align2html Man page
align2lines Man page
align2nd Man page
alignCheck Man page
alignCount Man page
caption2minipage Man page
cGroupSpan Man page
colGroupCount Man page
data2table Man page
define_colors Man page
extractAlign Man page
getNewAlign Man page
getNewSpanCol Man page
getNewSpanRow Man page
getspanRowData Man page
getspanRowLength Man page
hlines Man page
isGroupCol Man page
isspanCol Man page
isspanRow Man page
make.cell.color Man page
myhtmlStyle Man page
name2rgb Man page
parallelTables Man page
parallelTablesHTML Man page
parallelTablesLatex Man page
printHTMLHead Man page
printLatexHead Man page
printRowGroup Man page
print_ztable Man page
print.ztable Man page
repColor Man page
spanCol Man page
spanColWidth Man page
spanRow Man page
tableLength Man page
totalCol Man page
tr Man page
tr2 Man page
update_ztable Man page
validColor Man page
validColor2 Man page
vline2align Man page
vlines Man page
zcolors Man page
ztable Man page
ztable2html Man page
ztable2latex Man page
ztable2viewer Man page
ztable.anova Man page
ztable.aov Man page
ztable.cbind.mytable Man page
ztable.coxph Man page
ztable.data.frame Man page
ztable.default Man page
ztable.fitdistr Man page
ztable.glm Man page
ztable.lm Man page
ztable.matrix Man page
ztable.mytable Man page
ztable.nls Man page
ztable.prcomp Man page
ztable_sub Man page
ztable.summary.prcomp Man page


R/ztable1.R R/ztable.R R/parallelTables.R R/ztable2.R R/print.ztable.html.R R/ztable.mytable.R R/zcolors.R R/ztable.cbind.mytable.R R/zzz.R
man/getNewAlign.Rd man/addcgroup.Rd man/parallelTables.Rd man/update_ztable.Rd man/cGroupSpan.Rd man/print.ztable.Rd man/parallelTablesLatex.Rd man/addSubColNames.Rd man/ztable2latex.Rd man/print_ztable.Rd man/myhtmlStyle.Rd man/isGroupCol.Rd man/extractAlign.Rd man/getspanRowLength.Rd man/addrgroup.Rd man/hlines.Rd man/addCellColor.Rd man/tableLength.Rd man/isspanCol.Rd man/data2table.Rd man/printRowGroup.Rd man/spanRow.Rd man/ztable.mytable.Rd man/colGroupCount.Rd man/make.cell.color.Rd man/getspanRowData.Rd man/printHTMLHead.Rd man/printLatexHead.Rd man/ztable2html.Rd man/tr2.Rd man/vline2align.Rd man/isspanRow.Rd man/align2html.Rd man/getNewSpanRow.Rd man/align2nd.Rd man/zcolors.Rd man/ztable.Rd man/validColor2.Rd man/spanColWidth.Rd man/spanCol.Rd man/ztable_sub.Rd man/vlines.Rd man/ztable2viewer.Rd man/addColColor.Rd man/align2lines.Rd man/totalCol.Rd man/getNewSpanCol.Rd man/name2rgb.Rd man/tr.Rd man/caption2minipage.Rd man/parallelTablesHTML.Rd man/repColor.Rd man/validColor.Rd man/alignCheck.Rd man/addRowColor.Rd man/alignCount.Rd man/define_colors.Rd man/ztable.cbind.mytable.Rd

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