ztable: Zebra-Striped Tables in LaTeX and HTML Formats

Makes zebra-striped tables (tables with alternating row colors) in LaTeX and HTML formats easily from a data.frame, matrix, lm, aov, anova, glm, coxph, nls, fitdistr, mytable and cbind.mytable objects.

AuthorKeon-Woong Moon [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-02-15 07:37:56
MaintainerKeon-Woong Moon <cardiomoon@gmail.com>

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Man pages

addCellColor: Add column colors of an object of ztable

addcgroup: Add column groups of an object of ztable

addColColor: Add column colors of an object of ztable

addrgroup: Add row groups of an object of ztable

addRowColor: Add row colors of an object of ztable

addSubColNames: Add a adjunctive name below colummn name in a ztable

align2html: Convert the align in Latex format to html format

align2lines: count the vertical column lines from align of Latex format

align2nd: Delete first components of align

alignCheck: Check the validity of align

alignCount: Count the number of align

caption2minipage: Convert long caption to minipage

cGroupSpan: Count the colspan of each colgroup

colGroupCount: Count the colgroup of an object of ztable

data2table: Convert data to formatted data for table

define_colors: Define colors

extractAlign: Extract column position information only(without vertical...

getNewAlign: Make a charater string indicating the alignment of components...

getNewSpanCol: Calculating new spanCol with spanCol plus space made by...

getNewSpanRow: Calculating new spanRow with spanRow plus space made by row...

getspanRowData: Gets the spanRaw start column

getspanRowLength: Gets spanRow length

hlines: Add or delete horizontal lines in a ztable

isGroupCol: Returns whether or not column with position start plus length...

isspanCol: Idetify the spanCol status of a cell

isspanRow: Identify the spanRow status of a cell

make.cell.color: Make a data.frame named "cellcolor" from ztable call

myhtmlStyle: print html style

name2rgb: Find rgb value from color name

parallelTables: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in Latex or...

parallelTablesHTML: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in HTML...

parallelTablesLatex: Place two or more ztables or figures side by side in Latex...

printHTMLHead: Print HTML head if ztable object a has a colgroup

printLatexHead: Print the head of latex table if the object of ztable has a...

printRowGroup: Print Row Groups in a latex table

print_ztable: Print an object of class "ztable"

print.ztable: Print an object of class "ztable"

repColor: Make vector x from vector color

spanCol: Merging data cells of ztable object in columns

spanColWidth: Calculate the spanColWidth when spanCol start

spanRow: Merging data cells of ztable object in rows

tableLength: Convert data to formatted data for table

totalCol: Calculating total columns of ztable

tr: Subfunction used in ztable2latex

tr2: Subfunction used in ztable2html

update_ztable: Update ztable before print

validColor: Find valid color name

validColor2: Find valid color name

vline2align: Make a latex "align" from a string and vertical line...

vlines: Add or delete vertical lines in a ztable

zcolors: Definition of Latex Color

ztable: Exporting a R object to an object of class "ztable"

ztable2html: Print an object of class "ztable" to html table

ztable2latex: Print an object of class "ztable" to Latex table

ztable2viewer: Print an object of ztable via rstudio::viewer

ztable.cbind.mytable: Make ztable from object cbind.mytable

ztable.mytable: Make ztable from object mytable

ztable_sub: Exporting "data.frame" to an object of class "ztable"

Files in this package

ztable/R/ztable1.R ztable/R/ztable.R ztable/R/parallelTables.R ztable/R/ztable2.R ztable/R/print.ztable.html.R ztable/R/ztable.mytable.R ztable/R/zcolors.R ztable/R/ztable.cbind.mytable.R ztable/R/zzz.R
ztable/man/getNewAlign.Rd ztable/man/addcgroup.Rd ztable/man/parallelTables.Rd ztable/man/update_ztable.Rd ztable/man/cGroupSpan.Rd ztable/man/print.ztable.Rd ztable/man/parallelTablesLatex.Rd ztable/man/addSubColNames.Rd ztable/man/ztable2latex.Rd ztable/man/print_ztable.Rd ztable/man/myhtmlStyle.Rd ztable/man/isGroupCol.Rd ztable/man/extractAlign.Rd ztable/man/getspanRowLength.Rd ztable/man/addrgroup.Rd ztable/man/hlines.Rd ztable/man/addCellColor.Rd ztable/man/tableLength.Rd ztable/man/isspanCol.Rd ztable/man/data2table.Rd ztable/man/printRowGroup.Rd ztable/man/spanRow.Rd ztable/man/ztable.mytable.Rd ztable/man/colGroupCount.Rd ztable/man/make.cell.color.Rd ztable/man/getspanRowData.Rd ztable/man/printHTMLHead.Rd ztable/man/printLatexHead.Rd ztable/man/ztable2html.Rd ztable/man/tr2.Rd ztable/man/vline2align.Rd ztable/man/isspanRow.Rd ztable/man/align2html.Rd ztable/man/getNewSpanRow.Rd ztable/man/align2nd.Rd ztable/man/zcolors.Rd ztable/man/ztable.Rd ztable/man/validColor2.Rd ztable/man/spanColWidth.Rd ztable/man/spanCol.Rd ztable/man/ztable_sub.Rd ztable/man/vlines.Rd ztable/man/ztable2viewer.Rd ztable/man/addColColor.Rd ztable/man/align2lines.Rd ztable/man/totalCol.Rd ztable/man/getNewSpanCol.Rd ztable/man/name2rgb.Rd ztable/man/tr.Rd ztable/man/caption2minipage.Rd ztable/man/parallelTablesHTML.Rd ztable/man/repColor.Rd ztable/man/validColor.Rd ztable/man/alignCheck.Rd ztable/man/addRowColor.Rd ztable/man/alignCount.Rd ztable/man/define_colors.Rd ztable/man/ztable.cbind.mytable.Rd

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