Man pages for 11010tianyi/playwith
A GUI for interactive plots using GTK+

autoplaySet playwith to run automatically.
callArgWork with plot call arguments
convertFromDevicePixelsUtilities for working with grobs and viewports in device...
identifyGrobreturn names of clicked grid-objects.
panel.usertextAnnotations with custom style
parameterControlToolCreate playwith tools for controlling parameter values
playDoDo something in a specified plot space
playGetIDsGet or set IDs of selected points
playPointInputGet point, line or rect input from playwith user
playSelectDataLet playwith user select data points
playStateObject representing the plot, window and device.
playwithAn interactive plot GUI
playwith.APIThe playwith API
playwith.historySession history for playwith
playwith.optionsUser default settings for playwith
plotCoordsAPI for defining data coordinates of a plot
rawXLimGet or set current plot limits
xyCoordsGet playwith plot data points
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