Man pages for 2DegreesInvesting/r2dii.utils
General Utility Tools

check_crucial_namesCheck if a named object contains expected names
clean_column_namesA version of 'janitor::clean_names()' that also cleans dplyr...
clean_quoClean quosure expressions
create_configCreate a configuration file
default_configCreate a path pointing to a configuration file
degreesInsert the symbol for degrees
dropbox_existsDoes this computer have a local copy of 2dii's dropbox...
edit_configEdit the default configuration file
FINANCIAL.TIMESTAMPAccess parameters from a configuration file
find_dropbox_2diiEasily access directories in your local copy of 2dii's...
get_paramCreate functions to access configuration parameters
MASTER.DATA.PATHCreate paths to specific 2dii directories, depending on a...
path_examplesPaths to example data installed in any package at...
pipePipe operator
quo_chrConvert quosure expressions to character
r2dii_packagesReturn a vector giving the name of r2dii packages
show_configShow a configuration file
unclean_column_namesRevert the effect of 'clean_column_names()'
USER.NAMECreate paths to specific 2dii directories
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