Man pages for 4301350/sm4sd
Statistical Modeling for Sensor Data

buildClass-methodBuild Extended S4 Class
buildRNN-methodBuild RNN model
extractMeasures-methodExtract and Plot Measurement
extract-methodExtract Slots of an S4 Class
fit-methodBuild and train the SM.dlm Class in Package sm4sd
getMod-methodExtract and/or Build the Corresponding Model
plotCor-methodCorrelation Plot
plot-methodMethods for Function Plot in Package sm4sd
print-methodPrint Values
residualDiag-methodResidual Diagnostic for DLM Model
RNN_predictPredict Function for SM.rnn Class
RS-classClass RS - An S4 class to represent a raw signal inputs
show-methodShow an Object
sm4sd-Packagesm4sd: A package for computing the conductivity of the pore...
SM-classClass SM - An virtual S4 class to represent the raw signal...
SM.dlm-classClass SM.dlm - An S4 class to represent the unfiited dynamic...
SM.dlm.fitted-classClass SM.dlm.fitted - An S4 class to represent the fitted...
SM.HL-classClass SM.HL - An S4 class to represent the Hilhorst model.
SM.rnn-classClass SM.rnn - An S4 class contains a recurrent neural...
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