Man pages for 56north/NutrientData
Contains the nutrient composition of foods: raw, processed and prepared

ABBREVContains all the food
calculate_nutrientsCalculates nutrients
DATA_SRCSources of Data File
DATSRCLNSources of Data Link File
DERIV_CDData Derivation Code Description File
FD_GROUPFood Group Description File
FOOD_DESFood Description File
FOOTNOTEFootnote File
helloHello, World!
LANGDESCLanguaL Factors Description File
LANGUALLanguaL Factor File
NUT_DATANutrient Data File
NUTR_DEFNutrient Definition File
search_ingredientSearches the data
SRC_CDSource Code File
WEIGHTWeight File
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