Man pages for 56north/mailchimpR
mailchimpR is a R wrapper for the mailchimp API

apiendingSplits the api key to get server for api call
get_listGet information about a specific list
get_list_memberGet information about a specific list member
get_list_member_activityGet recent list member activity
get_list_member_goalsGet the last 50 Goal events for a member on a specific list
get_list_member_noteGet recent notes for a specific list member
get_list_member_notesGet recent notes for a specific list member
get_list_membersGet information about members in a list
get_listsGet information about all lists
get_list_segmentGet information about a specific segment
get_list_segment_membersGet information about all members in a list segment
get_list_segmentsGet information about all segments in a list
helloHello, World!
post_segmentCreate a new segment
post_segment_membersBatch add/remove list members to static segment
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