Man pages for 87875172/Scuff
Single Cell RNA-Seq UMI Filtering Facilitator (scruff)

align.rsubreadA wrapper to 'Rsubread' read alignment
collectqcCollect QC metrics
count.umiCount the number of UMIs for each transcript and output...
demultiplexDemultiplex cell barcodes and assign cell specific reads
exampleannotExample annotation table
examplebcExample barcodes table.
examplefastqExample fastq 'ShortReadQ' objects
GRCm38_MT_faGRCm38 mitochondrial dna fasta sequence
GRCm38_MT_gtfGRCm38 mitochondrial gtf file
qcplotVisualize data quality
scruffRun scruff pipeline
steppingVisualize stepping levels
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