Man pages for AEBilgrau/correlateR
Fast correlations and covariances

arbitraryOrderCorrelationPartial correlations
corcovCovariance and correlation
corFamilyMarginal correlation matrix
cov2corConvert covariance matrix to correlation
covFamilyMarginal covariance matrix
createDataCreate toy data
createRCMDataSimulate data from RCM
drcmDensity of the RCM model
firstOrderPartialCorrelationCompute first order partial correlations
fisher.test.corFisher's correlation test
fit.rcmFit using the EM algorithm
poolPooled covariance from list of scatter matrices
rcm_em_step_armaThe RCM EM-step
rcm_get_nuEstimate degrees of freedom
rcm_loglik_armaThe RCM log-likelihood function
RCMmiscRCM miscellaneous functions
rwishartWishart and inverse-Wishart distributions
scatterCompute the scatter matrix
ScovShrinkage covariance estimation
softThe soft thresholding function
test.diff.corTest for difference in correlation
test.diff.cor.singleTest for difference in correlation
test.xcorTest for correlation between multiple variables samples
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