Man pages for AFIT-R/instaExtract
The instaExtract Package Aims to Provide Analysts a Method for Pulling Information from Instagram and a Foundation for Future Analytic Functions to be Created and Shared

createLocationMappingCreate Location Mapping
getAccountByIDGet Account By ID
getCommentsByMediaCodeGet Comments By Media Code
getCommentsByMediaIDGet Comments By Media ID
getCurrentTopMediaByLocationIDGet Current Top Media By Location ID
getCurrentTopMediaByLocationMappingGet Current Top Media By Location ID
getCurrentTopMediaByTag#'@title Get Current Top Media By Tag
getLikesByMediaCodeGet Likes By Media Code
getLikesByMediaIDGet Likes By Media ID
getLocationByIDGet Location by ID
getLocationsInRangeGet Current Top Media By Location ID
getMediaByCodeGet Media By Code
getMediaByIDGet Media By ID
getMediaByLocationIDGet Media By Location ID
getMediaByLocationMappingGet Media By Location Mapping
getMediaByTagGet Media By Tag
getMediaByURLGet Media By Url
getMediaByUsernameGet Media By Username
haversineDistanceHaversine Distance
launchAppLaunch App
searchAccountsByUsernameSearch Accounts By Username
searchTagsByTagSearch Tags by Tag
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