sure: Surrogate Residuals

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An R package for constructing SUrrogate-based REsiduals and diagnostics for ordinal and general regression models; based on the approach described in Dungang and Zhang (2017).


The sure package is currently listed on CRAN and can easily be installed:

# Install from CRAN (recommended)

# Alternatively, install the development version from GitHub
if (!requireNamespace("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")


Liu, D. and Zhang, H. Residuals and Diagnostics for Ordinal Regression Models: A Surrogate Approach. Journal of the American Statistical Association (accepted). URL

Greenwell, B.M., McCarthy, A.J., Boehmke, B.C. & Dungang, L. (2018) “Residuals and diagnostics for binary and ordinal regression models: An introduction to the sure package.” The R Journal (pre-print). URL

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