Man pages for AGROFIMS/aganalysis
Statistical analysis interface and tests in AGROFIMS

clean_fbFieldbook cleaner for AGROFIMS DATA
get_agrofims_fileGet file direcction of agrofim's files.
get_design_factorsGet factors provided by different designs
get_fbsubsampleGet Fieldbook with subsample data according to the traits
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
single_hdagrofims_serverServer for Single Environment analysis for HIDAP-AgroFIMS
single_hdagrofims_uiUI for Single Environment Analysis for HIDAP-AgroFIMS Returns...
trend_hdagrofims_serverServer for Trend Environment analysis for HIDAP-AgroFIMS
trend_hdagrofims_uiUI for Trend Environment Analysis for HIDAP-AgroFIMS Returns...
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