Man pages for ATFutures/calendar
Create, Read, Write, and Work with 'iCalander' Files, Calendars and Scheduling Data

calendarics files with R
formatsConvenient datetime formats
holidaysExample ics file on English and Welsh holidays
icalCreate object of class ical
ical_exampleMinimal example of raw ical data
ical_outlookExample of event data with multi-line description from...
ic_attributes_vecExtract attributes from ical text
ic_bind_listBind list of named vectors of variable length into data frame
ic_characterConvert ical object to character strings of attributes
ic_char_datetimeConvert datetime object to character string
ic_char_eventConvert ical object to character strings of events
ic_dataframeConvert iCal lines of text into a data frame
ic_dateConvert ical date into R date
ic_datetimeConvert ical datetime into R datetime Z at the end of an ical...
ic_eventCreate ical object from properties_core inputs
ic_extractExtract contents of iCal fields
ic_extract_rawExtract raw contents of iCal fields
ic_findFind contents of iCal fields
ic_guidGet an ical GUID
ic_listConvert raw ical text into a list of items
ic_readRead ics file
ic_specView or download the ical specification
ic_vectorReturn a named vector from raw iCal text
ic_writeWrite ics file
propertiesThe key 'properties' that are allowed in ical files
properties_coreThe key 'properties' that are allowed in ical files
properties_icalical default VCALENDAR properties in one line vectors.
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