Man pages for Aariq/chemhelper
Helper Functions For Dealing With GCMS and LCMS data from IonAnalytics

calc_RICalculate Van Den Dool and Kratz Retention Indicies
calc_RTBack-calculate Retention Times
chem_scaleScaling Functions for Metabolomics
get_loadingsExtract axis loadings from pls object
get_modelinfoRetrieve model parameters from models created by...
get_plotdataExtract data for plotting (O)PLS(-DA) data with ggplot2
get_scoresGet axis scores from models created by 'ropls::opls()'...
get_VIPExtract VIP scores from pls object
parse_IAParse IonAnalytics CSV files
plot_oplsPlot OPLS regression models produced by 'ropls::opls()'
plot_pcaPlot PCA models created by 'ropls::opls()'
plot_plsPlot PLS regression models produced by 'ropls::opls()'
plot_plsdaPlot PLS-DA models produced by 'ropls::opls()'
read_IARead IonAnalytics CSV files
sim_covarSimulate co-varying variables
sim_dfSimulate a dataset with a given number of observations and...
sim_discrSimulate co-varying variables with different means by group.
sim_missingSimulate missing values
sim_multvarConstruct simulated multivariate data sets
VDDK_RICalculate a single Van Den Dool and Kratz Retention Index
VDDK_RTCalculate a single retention time given a Van Den Dool and...
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