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Fits Weathering Trends

BootElementRatioParametric Bootstrap of ElementRatio object
coef.ElementRatioget coefficients for an ElementRatio object
coef.ElementRatiosget coefficients for an ElementRatios object
ControlElementRatioFitSet the control parameters for the optimization of the...
extractFromExtract information from ElementRatio fits
FitConstantRatiosRefit to have the same ratio fit over several immobile...
FitElementRatioFit the element ratio for a single pair
FitElementRatiosFit a bunch of element ratios all at once
FitTauFit the element ratio for a single pair
FitTausFit a bunch of Taus all at once
fitted.ElementRatioget fitted values for an ElementRatio object
plot.ElementRatioplot an ElementRatio object
plot.ElementRatiosplot an ElementRatios object
plot.Tauplot a Tau object
plot.Tausplot a Taus object
print.ElementRatioprint an ElementRatio object
print.Tauprint a Tau object
profile.ElementRatioprofile an ElementRatio object
residuals.ElementRatioExtract model residuals for an ElementRatio object
welldataExample data set
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