Man pages for AdamLeckenby/S4Vectors_Fix
S4 implementation of vector-like and list-like objects

aggregate-methodsCompute summary statistics of subsets of vector-like objects
Annotated-classAnnotated class
character-utilsSome utility functions to operate on strings
DataFrame-classDataFrame objects
DataTable-classDataTable objects
expand-methodsUnlist the list-like columns of a DataFrame object
FilterMatrix-classMatrix for Filter Results
FilterRules-classCollection of Filter Rules
Hits-classHits objects
Hits-comparisonComparing and ordering hits
HitsList-classList of Hits objects
Hits-setopsSet operations on Hits objects
isSortedTest if a vector-like object is sorted
List-classList objects
List-utilsCommon operations on List objects
LLint-classLLint vectors
Pairs-classPairs objects
Rle-classRle objects
Rle-runstatFixed-width running window summaries
Rle-utilsCommon operations on Rle objects
S4Vectors-internalsS4Vectors internals
shiftApply-methodsApply a function over subsequences of 2 vector-like objects
show-utilsDisplay utilities
SimpleList-classSimpleList objects
split-methodsDivide a vector-like object into groups
subsetting-utilsSubsetting utilities
Vector-classVector objects
Vector-comparisonCompare, order, tabulate vector-like objects
Vector-mergeMerge vector-like objects
Vector-setopsSet operations on vector-like objects
zip-methodsConvert between parallel vectors and lists
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