Man pages for Ajfrick/AVRCHelp
Assistance for AVRC/PIRC Data

brm_orsGenerate Odds Ratios from logit link brm model
brm_probsGenerate Probabilities from logit link model
brm_pvalGenerate empirical P-Value from MCMC generated by brm...
brm_tabGenerate Coefficient Significance tables from brm model
cat_freqsCreate column for frequency distribution of data
count_upCount number of unique non-missing observations in a vector
date_countCount up Frequency between two dates
date_nearFind Nearest Date within Threshold
extract_MoCreate middle IQR string from numeric vector
extract_YrCreate middle IQR string from numeric vector
find_varsCreate middle IQR string from numeric vector
glm_ORsGenerate Odds Ratios CI Pval table from GLM
grapes-and-grapesT & NA -> F Operator
grapes-equals-grapesT == NA -> F Operator
grapes-or-grapesF or NA -> F Operator
make_csvwrite.csv with more useful Defaults
multidateRead Dates from varying forms
na_2dashReplace NAs with '-'
na_countCount Missing
num_squeezeSqueezing numeric values within specified range
parfm_HRsGenerate Hazard ratio, CI, Pval table from parfm
print_decFunction to force print to desired number of decimal points
pwr_mcnemarSample Size and Power for McNemar's Test
str_comb_Full5-Number summary as character string
str_comb_IntvCreate center with spread data summary for table
str_comb_NACount Missing and % of Total
str_comb_PropCreate count with proportion as string
str_excel2RReplace PI excel column names with R friendly names
str_fileCreate File path with Today's Date appended
str_sentenceModify sentence to Capitalize only first word
sum.nana.rm functions for funs
to_lessthanFunction for converting p values to '< 0.01' (or desired...
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