Man pages for AldoCompagnoni/popler
popler package

authorsGet author information from a data object
browseBrowse the metadata of projects contained in the popler...
cov_unpackUnpack the covariates contained in downloaded data sets
dictionaryDictionary of the popler metadata
get_dataDownload data from the popler database
metadata_urlGet metadata information from a data object
parse_to_sql_searchTranslate R logical statements into SQL
popler_citationProvide citations for a popler browse or get_data object.
report_dictionaryA user-friendly dictionary of the popler metadata
report_metadataOpen a report of the metadata of project(s) as an html page
study_namesPrint popler study names in a legible form.
summary_poplerCount the number of observations in one or more of the popler...
summary_table_checkcheck if the main table needs to be updated
summary_table_importImports the 'summary_table' object to R
summary_table_updateAutomaticcaly retrieve most up to date version of 'popler'...
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