Man pages for AlexCast/lisst
Functions for manipulation of the Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST) data

c.lisstConcatenate lisst objects
drop_lisstdrop lisst
fprofileFictional data of LISST measurements in a profiling system
is.lisstTest for a lisst object
lbinrExtract size range of bins
lfitFit a PSD model to the lisst data
lgetConvert between LISST data representations
lgetcalRetrieve the LISST calibrated values
lgetcorRetrieve the LISST corrected digital counts
lgetpncRetrieve PSD in number concentration
lgetrawRetrieve the LISST raw digital counts
lgetvolRetrieve PSD in volume concentration
lgetvsfRetrieve VSF from LISST data
lhovHovmöller diagram for lisst objects
linstRetrieve a list of registered instruments
lisst-package'lisst': Utilities for analysis of LISST data
lisst_regRegister a new LISST instrument
lringsSum of ring values
lstatDescriptive statistics for lisst objects
ltimeExtract time index
lwangExtract angle range of bins
mooringMooring of LISST-200X
plotBinsPlot Bins
read_lisstRead LISST data
sdAn S3 generic for sd
sub-.lisstSubset lisst objects
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