Man pages for AlexChristensen/SemNetCleaner
An Automated Cleaning Tool for Semantic and Linguistic Data

add.letAdd Letter
autoConvergeAutomated Converge Responses
autoDestrAutomated De-string of Responses
bad.responseBad Responses to NA
best.guessMakes Best Guess for Spelling Correction
bin2respBinary Responses to Character Responses
chn.letChange Letter
combine.responsesCombine Words Wrapper
convergeConverge Responses
convmatConverged trial data of verbal fluency responses
corr.chnCorrect Changes from 'textcleaner'
destrDe-string Responses
equateEquate Group Responses
equate.multiEquate Multiple Groups
finalizeFinalize Response Matrix
full.matchWrapper Match Fucntion
is.letterChecks If A Character Is A Letter
lead.wordLead Word Example
misnomerMisnomer Fucntion
miss.letMissing Letter
multi.word.checkMulti Word Checker Wrapper
open.animalsOpenness and Verbal Fluency
pluralizeConverts Words to their Plural Form
qwerty.distQWERTY Distance for Same Length Words
rmatCleaned trial data of verbal fluency responses
rm.lead.spaceRemoves Leading Spaces
singularizeConverts Words to their Singular Form
spell.check.dictionarySpelling-check using SemNetDictionaries
spell.optAll Possible Spelling Options
splitstr.checkSplit String Check
starting.letterStarting Letter
textcleanerText Cleaner
trialTrial data of verbal fluency responses
word.check.wrapperA Spell-checking wrapper
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