Man pages for AlineTalhouk/diceR
Diverse Cluster Ensemble in R

compactnessCompactness Measure
consensus_clusterConsensus clustering
consensus_combineCombine algorithms
consensus_evaluateEvaluate, trim, and reweigh algorithms
consensus_matrixConsensus matrix
CSPACluster-based Similarity Partitioning Algorithm (CSPA)
diceDiverse Clustering Ensemble
diceR-packagediceR: Diverse Cluster Ensemble in R
external_validityExternal validity indices
graphsGraphical Displays
hgscGene expression data for High Grade Serous Carcinoma from...
impute_knnK-Nearest Neighbours imputation
impute_missingImpute missing values
LCELinkage Clustering Ensemble
majority_votingMajority voting
min_fnormMinimize Frobenius norm for between two matrices
PACProportion of Ambiguous Clustering
pcnSimulate and select null distributions on empirical gene-gene...
prepare_dataPrepare data for consensus clustering
relabel_classRelabel classes to a standard
sigclustSignificant Testing of Clustering Results
similaritySimilarity Matrices
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