Man pages for AlineTalhouk/splendid
SuPervised Learning ENsemble for Diagnostic IDentification

boot_testObtain OOB sample to use as test set
boot_trainRecursively create training set indices ensuring class...
classificationMulticlass classification
dummifyConvert all categorical variables in a dataset to dummy...
error_632.632(+) Estimator for log loss error rate
evaluationEvaluation of prediction performance
hgscGene expression data for High Grade Serous Carcinoma from...
ova_classificationOne-Vs-All training approach
ova_predictionOne-Vs-All prediction approach
predictionClass prediction on OOB set
sequentialSequential Algorithm
splendidEnsemble framework for Supervised Learning classification...
splendid_convertConvert covariate data
splendid_ensembleCombine classification models into an ensemble
splendid_graphsDiscriminating graphs
splendid_modelTrain, predict, and evaluate classification models
splendid-packagesplendid: SuPervised Learning ENsemble for Diagnostic...
split_dataSplit data into training and test sets
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