A repository to hold the hbadata package, a package containing the normalized mRNA expression data used in the Human Brain Atlas at the Allen Institute.

The original data can be found here.

This package is intended to be used in conjunction with the atlasplot package.


To install the hbadata package it is recommended to use the devtools package. This is a well trusted and reputable package from Hadley Wickham intended to streamline package development and installation. This alternate installation method is necessary due to the large size of this package.

WARNING: This package is large (>100 Mb); ensure that you have a steady internet connection.

In the R command line perform the following commands

# Install devtools package

# Install hbadata


The license this source code is released under is GPL v.2.

Additional Details

The source version of this package contains the code necessary to format the raw data downloaded from the Allen Institute into the hosted .rda files. This code is located in data-raw. A README.txt is to follow.

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