Man pages for AlonFriedman01/Peirce--Theory-of-Signs
Peirce Theory of sign

clearPeirceCacheClear cache directories
configurationPeirce configuration.
convertPeirceDataSetToMlrConvert an OpenML data set to mlr task.
PeirceCRuns the creation of object classification value
Peirce-signLogXGenerate a New Layer (X from Table)
Peirce-SignLogYGenerates a new layer based on Table Log base 10 of Y
Peirce-signN2Runs the creation of N in layer
Peirce-signXXMultiplies Log base 10 of X by itself. (x^2)
Peirce-signXYMultiplies Log base 10 of X and Log base 10 of Y
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