Man pages for AlteryxLabs/AlteryxRhelper
Helper functions for Alteryx

addHelpDocAdd README.Rmd with Help
AlteryxGraph2Alteryx Graph Function
ayxPluginWidgetAlteryx Plugin Widget
buildPluginBuild Plugin
buildPlugin2Build Plugin
copyHtmlPluginUpdate Html Plugin
copyPredictiveMacroCopy predictive macro
createPluginFromMacroCreate Plugin from Macro
createYXICreate a YXI installable
createYXI2Create YXI file
dumpAndQuitDump and quit on error
extractConfigExtract configuration annotation from macro
extractInputOutputExtract annotation from Inputs
extractRcodeSave R code extracted from an Alteryx Macro
findInputsFind inputs that start with a root
findTrueInputFind inputs that start with a root and have the value TRUE
generateConfigurationTableGenerate table of configuration items
inAlteryxReturns TRUE if called inside an Alteryx R Tool.
insertRcodeInsert R code into an Alteryx macro
installToSvnInstall packages to R library in SVN
isOlderCheck if a file is older than the other
makeIconMake a circular or square icon and save it as a png file
makePluginConfigMake plugin configuration xml file
npmBuildRun build process to update app.min.js and app.css
questionsQuestion Inputs
read.Alteryx2Alteryx Read Function
runTestsRun all tests in the Supporting_Macros/tests folder
runWorkflowRun an Alteryx workflow
saveManifestSave manifest to SVN
saveReadmeSave readme
scaffoldPluginScaffold a new plugin with a predictive macro
scaffoldWorkflowScaffold a new workflow based on a template
updateHtmlFunction to update html from sample
updateHtmlPluginInstall HTML Plugin in Alteryx
write.Alteryx2Alteryx Write Function
yxmc2PluginConfigMacro to Plugin Config
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