Man pages for Amherst-Statistics/katherinemansfieldr
A Package for Text Mining Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories

bliss"Bliss, and Other Stories"
charfreqCount frequency of a word or punctuation mark in a text
collapse_textCollapse text
completeAnalysisTableAnalysis Table of Katheirne Mansfield's Complete Works
extract_punctextract punctuation
extract_sentencesExtract sentences
extract_tokenExtract tokens
extract_typeExtract types
find_chaptersFind chapter breaks in a text
find_freq_charFind most frequent words
freq_punct_lineGet frequency of punctuation marks per line
freq_word_lineGet frequency of words per line
gardenParty"The Garden Party, and Other Stories"
get_breaksBreak text by line matching
get_varietyGet type-token ratio/vocabulary richness measure
make_analysis_dfCreate analysis table
mansfieldCompleteKatherine Mansfield's Complete Works
sentence_lengthGet sentence length
sentence_length_lineGet sentence length per line
somethingChildish"Something Childish, and Other Stories"
word_lengthGet token length
word_length_lineGet token length per line
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