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Regression in Multivariate Exposure Settings

acpmeAdjustment for confounding in the presence of multivariate...
AirPollWeeklyWeekly average NO2 and PM2.5 data
bdlimBayesian distributed lag interaction models
bdlimbasisBuild BDLIM basis
bdlimglmallBDLIM for glm
bdlimlmbBDLIM-b for linear model
bdlimlmbwBDLIM-bw for linear model
bdlimlmwBDLIM-none for linear model
beta.bdlimSummary of the beta for BDLIM
bw.bdlimSummary of the time-varying effect for BDLIM
cumulative.bdlimSummary of the cumulative effect for BDLIM
drawpostDraw posterior samples for acpme
hpdHighest posterior density posterior intervals of a...
makepenMake penalty
pairwisebdlimPairwise comparisons betweeng groups for BDLIM
plot.acpmePlot for acpme
plot.bdlimPlot for bdlim summary
plot.summary.acpmePlot for acpme
plot.summary.bdlimPlot for bdlim summary
print.acpmeDefault print for acpme object
print.bdlimDefault print for bdlim object
print.pairwisebdlimDefault print for pairwise.bdlim object
print.summary.acpmeDefault print for acpme.summary object
print.summary.bdlimDefault print for summary.bdlim object
simACPMESimulate data for ACPME
simBDLIMSimulate data from BDLIM
simregimesSimulate data to demonstrate methods in regimes package.
summary.acpmeDefault summary for acpme
summary.bdlimDefault summary for bldim
w.bdlimSummary of the weight function for BDLIM
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