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Project details

Folders and files

Having a standard folder and file structure is one step to being more reproducible. Here is an explanation of some of the general contents of this project. The project directory is generally structured with the following folders:

The base folder contains a few files:

All folders have their own README files inside with more specific details.

Installing project software dependencies

If dependencies have been managed by using usethis::use_package("packagename") through the DESCRIPTION file, installing dependencies is as easy as opening the LearnR3.Rproj file and running this command in the console:

# install.packages("remotes")

You'll need to have devtools installed for this to work.


Check out the prodigenr online documentation for details on this setup and workflow. As this layout is also based on R packages, check out the online book on R packages to learn more about how to make the most use out of this project layout.

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