Man pages for AndreMikulec/UShoard
Provides US Treasure Bond information (one line, title case)

formatReportAllotmentformat df in preparation for dplyr (future)selection
formatTreasuriesAllotmentDateColsformat Investor Class Auction Allotments date-ish columns
getSymbols.treasuryAquire Bills and Bonds allotment data from the US treasury
historicalRawTreasuriesAllotmentGet one historical Investor Class Auction Allotment
historicalRawTreasuriesAllotmentsGet historical Investor Class Auction Allotments
initEnvsets the enviroment
quantmod___convert.time.seriesQuantmod internal conversion
rawDataGet data from the internet/filesystem
rawTreasuriesAllotmentsGet Investor Class Auction Allotments
recentRawTreasuriesAllotmentGet one recent Investor Class Auction Allotment
recentRawTreasuriesAllotmentsGet many recent Investor Class Auction Allotments
reorgRawTreasuriesAllotmentreorganize Investor Class Auction Allotments
uninitEnvunsets the enviroment
UShoardUShoard: Data of Sales Volume of US Treasury Bills and Bonds
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