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Quantitive Mathematics and Financial Prediction

addCashLogReturnsadd cash log returns (cashlogrets)
addCashWtsadd cash weights returns (cashlogrets)
addUnRateEomDataadd UNRATE (unrate)
addWillShire5000Wtsadd Willshire 5000 Index log weights returns...
addWilshire5000LogReturnsadd Willshire 5000 Index log returns (will5000idxlogrets)
addWtsadd weights (_wts)
cashLogReturnscash log returns (cashlogrets)
cashWtsadd cash weights
combineLogReturnsjoin two Log Returned xts objects
combineXtsjoin two xts objects
Coredatagarentees return value value is a 'matrix of at least one...
eomDataget the latest value in the month
fredDataget data from the St. Louis FRED
fredEomDataget the latest value in the month from FRED
indClmsget the indicator columns
initDategarentee a date is a date or and empty date
initEnvsets the enviroment
initPorfValshow the last six(6) records
initPrintEnvsets the printing enviroment
initXtsgarantee a passed xts object or a zero length xts object
logReturnsgeometric investment results
nextMonthfromYesterdaychange the index date to the future
nextMonthfromYesterday.Datechange the date to the future
nextMonthfromYesterday.defaultattempt to change the index date to the future
nextMonthfromYesterday.xtschange the date to the future
portfolioLogReturnsget the porfolio log returns
portfolioMonthlyReturnsget the porfolio non-log(arithmatic) returns
printCalendarprint calendar of month by mont returns
printTailshow the last six(6) records
quanticoquantico: Quantitive Mathematics and Financial Prediction
returnsUnRateEyeBallruns the main
safeClmsget the column names
uninitEnvunsets the enviroment
unRateEomDataget the end of month UNRATE from FRED
valueClmsget the values columns names
willShire5000Wtsadd Willshire 5000 Index weights
wilshire5000indEomDataWilshire 5000 Index price
wilshire5000LogReturnsget the Wilshare 5000 Index log returns
wtsClmsget the weights(_wts) columns
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