Man pages for AndreaRMICL/NutrienTrackeR
NutrienTrackeR: an R package for food-based assessment of dietary intake

dietBalanceNutrition calculator
findFoodNameFind food names based on keywords
food_composition_dataNutritional values for common foods and products
getFoodGroupsGet the names of the food groups included in a given database
getNutrientNamesGet the names of nutrients included in a given database
NIH_nutrient_recommendationsNutrient recommendations
nutrient_groupNutrient groups
nutrientIntakePlotVisualize nutrient intake levels
nutrientPiePlotVisualize the main foods contributing to the intake levels of...
nutrientsTimeTrendVisualize time trends of nutrient intake levels
sample_diet_USDAExample of a one-week diet
subsetFoodRichInFind nutrient-rich foods
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