Man pages for Andros-Spica/biplot2d3d
Create and Customize Ordination Plots (Biplots) in 2D and 3D

animationCreate an animated GIF and a snapshot from the rgl device
biplot_2d2D biplot
biplot_3d3D biplot
calculate_aspectCalculate aspect
ellipsoid_3dDraw an labeled custom ellipsoid
ellipsoids_3dDraw ellipsoids per group
filter_arrowsFilter covariance arrows for biplots
get_colorsGet colors for the different levels of a factor variable
get_lambdaCalculate lambda (biplot)
radial_arrows_3dPlaces a set of arrows in a rgl device
rgl_formatSet up a rgl device
rgl_initInitializes a rgl device
scale_to_mainScale a 'fig' argument to fit another
star_3dDraw star
stars_3dDraw stars per group
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