Man pages for AngelBerihuete/laeken2
Calculate the TIPs and Lorenz curves

arprAt-risk-of-poverty rate
arptAt-risk-of-poverty threshold
eusilc2Modified synthetic EU-SILC survey data Synthetic dataset...
giniGini index
laeken2-packageThe package calculates indexes to measure the risk of poverty...
lcLorenz and Generalized Lorenz curves
LCS2012Living conditions survey CAMBIAR
loadLCSLiving conditions survey
miucMean income per unit of consumption
OmegaGLMatrix for testing Generalized Lorenz dominance
OmegaTIPMatrix for testing TIP dominance
qsrIncome quintile share ratio
rmpgRelative median at-risk-of-poverty gap
s1Maximun of TIP curve
s2Twice the area under the TIP curve
setupDatasetSetup dataset from EU-SILC survey
testGLTest for Lorenz and Generalized Lorenz dominance
testTIPTest for TIP dominance
tipTIP curve
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