Man pages for AngusWright/LAMBDAR
Measure galaxy fluxes from an arbitrary FITS image using input aperture locations and dimensions to Pixel via Header Astrometry
ApCat.sampleSample Aperture Catalogue
as.timeConvert time (sec) into human readable string (day hr min...
convolve.psf2D Convolution
create.par.fileCreate Parameter File
create.simCreate Simulated Image
crop.fits.imageCrop FITS Image
fill.gridFill a box with overlapping tiles
flux.measurementsPerform Flux Measurements
generate.apertureElliptical Aperture Creation
get.cogGenerate Curve of Growth
get.fwhmGet PSF FWHM in pixels
get.nth.varParameter Assignment to Environment
interp.2dInterpolate 2D function
last.n.charString Manipulations
lsosR Object List
make.aperture.mapCreate a Full Mask
make.catalogue.aperturesMake Aperture Stamps
make.convolved.aperturesMake Weighted and Convolved Apertures Data Stamps
make.deblend.weight.mapsDeblend Photometric Objects
make.exponential.aperturesMake Exponential Profile Stamps
measure.fluxesMeasure Fluxes
open.catalogueOpen and Read, or Generate, a Catalogue
PlotPNGOpen PNG plot device to Pixel
ran.corPerform LAMBDAR randoms/blanks estimation
read.astrRead Astrometry
read.imageRead Input Images
read.par.fileRead Parameter File
read.psfRead and Process PSF FITS Image
SDSS.sampleSample SDSS r-band Image
sky.estimateFunction to find local sky values
source.subtractionSource Subtraction from FITS image to Cartesian Conversion
write.fits.image.fileWrite FITS Image to File
write.flux.measurements.tableWrite measure.fluxes Results to RA/Dec via Header Astrometry to RA/Dec
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